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It doesn't matter if you are highly creative or born without a bone. My sessions are designed to strategically breakdown the creative process into a logical series of steps. All sessions are based on executing studio standard VFX tasks from TV shows and movies. Whether you are looking to learn the fundamentals, become a professional VFX artist or understand the skills for directing your own films, I would love to guide you.  


If you would like a copy of the course outlines and/or would like to learn more about this offering, please drop me a line


Image by Brooke Cagle

It can be a challenge to navigate the creative landscape when you are fresh out of university or transitioning careers. If you are feeling stuck, let's work together so you gain the motivation, confidence and clarity to create a realistic plan. 

I provide a wholistic approach to supporting you every step of the way as you work towards achieving not only desired career goals but valuable life skills and greater insight of yourself - beyond an office environment. 

We will cover topics such as career clarity, portfolio preparation, interview preparation, personal branding, communication strategies, networking techniques and much more

Please let me know how I can help you with your journey by getting in touch, below


Image by Brooke Cagle

Can't seem to find a candidate that fits your company?

My focus is to support you to grow your business by connecting culture and people. My process is about expanding your network to find you quality candidates - technical skills, creativity, experience and personality matches. 

I can assist you at any stage of the recruitment cycle from sourcing talent, interviewing to employee onboarding. 

Message me below with your business needs and let's see how I can support you

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